To be a global academy, one of the world's leading institutes that molds students for management practices, striving continuously for excellence in education and service to the society.


To equip students with management skills so that they may function efficiently and effectively in the modern world. We seek to produce leaders who have an awareness and involvement in wider societal concerns, such as the protection of environment, conservation of energy and concern for social justice. At NBS, students will experience the joy of learning, explore new horizons and excel in all fields.

NBS Way of Life

We believe that life takes a full turn only when our attitude blends seamlessly with our action. NBS way of life seeks to build partnerships with professionals globally, for learning and sharing knowledge. We aim to create universalism and humanism, in businesses transactions thereby enhancing the quality of relationships amongst people of all countries, races and religions. We at NIMIT practice the art of cheerful living. The soul of MBA at NIMIT is to:

  • Train the youth with personal integrity, professional creativity and social commitment.
  • Promote facilities for acquisition and dissemination of knowledge through teaching, creating enquiry and learning.
  • Provide knowledge based services to enhance the society in meaningful ways.
  • Provide help for pursuing careers related to management.
  • Train students with soft skills and life skills to instill a holistic personality.

MBA Programme at NBS

The MBA programme at NBS aims at a holistic development of every NIMITIAN through experience which enables to explore the realms of professional life. The MBA programme at NBS is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated to the University of Calicut. The programme spans for two years in four semesters with a dual specialization.

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